How to make the leaves of bonsai trees smaller

How to make the leaves of bonsai trees smaller

Plant, Bonsai, Tree, Green, NatureTree bonsai is made by selecting young trees or old stumps of ornamental trees through cultivation, artistic processing, and planting and arrangement in delicate pots. The most important thing in its art of production is to master the biological characteristics of various trees and give full play to their natural beauty, charm, and color, such as the lush and vigorous pine and cypress, the quaint and elegant beauty of plum piles, the simple and ancient elm maple, the unrestrained beauty of green bamboo, the branches and leaves of bird plums and boxwood, etc. The cultivation, production, and management of bonsai trees is a meticulous work that is both artistic and scientific.

A good bonsai with a beautiful shape and enduring appreciation is constructed through the aesthetics of artisans and exquisite artistic techniques. It must be carefully maintained and managed to ensure its luxuriant growth and graceful posture. The production and management techniques of tree bonsai generally include the following aspects: tree species selection, tree embryo cultivation, processing and modeling, bonsai decoration and maintenance management, etc. Maintenance management also includes: placement, watering, fertilizing, pruning and trimming, turning pots for soil, pest control, and so on.

Tree bonsai is beautiful with small leaves. For many leaf-viewing bonsai, large leaves are not good-looking. Small leaves can make bonsai trees appear taller and improve the ornamental quality. So how to control the size of bonsai leaves and minimize the size of the leaves? Today I summarize three methods that can make the blade smaller, and I hope they will be helpful to everyone.

  1. When the roots of trees are overgrown with pot soil, the nutrients in pot soil become less and less, and trees gradually shrink their leaves to protect themselves. When the root system is well-developed, and the fertilizer is sufficient, the leaves grow bigger and bigger. Therefore, in order to make the leaves of bonsai trees smaller, it is necessary to adopt appropriate small pots and fewer soil planting methods, properly control water and fertilizer, and dig the growth of the trees. The leaves of the trees will gradually become smaller.

  1. The leaves on the branches of plants, the more germinated in 3 years, the smaller the leaves germinated later. According to this physiological phenomenon, when the leaves of bonsai trees are small, the branches and leaves can be pruned many times to make the leaves gradually smaller. Foliage bonsai trees often pick leaves, which can promote new leaves, make the new leaves brightly colored, and the colorless new leaves are bright green and verdant to enhance the viewing effect.

  1. By grafting small-leaf tree species, the leaves of bonsai trees can also be made smaller.

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