6 Types of popular bonsai trees

6 Types of popular bonsai trees

There are many varieties of indoor potted trees. The common precious species mainly include Podocarpus, pine, Nantian bamboo, boxwood, black pine, mountain pine, crape myrtle, ginkgo, willow, and banyan. Among them, Podocarpus and pine are highly ornamental. Putting it indoors can also purify the indoor air, and it also means longevity, auspiciousness, and wealth.

  1. Podocarpus

The branches and leaves of Podocarpus pine are evergreens in all seasons, and the plants have strong adaptability. The plant shape can be as high as 20 meters. The bark is gray or gray-brown. It usually blooms in the spring from April to May. The plant has kind of elegant and tall. The imposing spirit has the meanings of longevity, keeping money, and auspiciousness.

  1. Tree, Nature, Bonsai, Leaves, Black TreePine

Pine is also one of the top ten types of bonsai trees. The vitality of the pine tree is very strong, and it can grow more luxuriantly even in harsh environments. Its branches and leaves are evergreen throughout the year and have high ornamental properties. The plant type is majestic and tall. The meaning of longevity, besides its rhizome part, is still a kind of Chinese medicinal material.

  1. Nan Tianzhu

Nantian bamboo is a common woody plant in southern China. It has a beautiful plant type, bright red fruit, and strong adaptability to the environment. It is widely used in gardens. It likes to grow in a warm and humid environment. It is more shade-tolerant and cold-tolerant. It is very strong and is also cultivated in many areas of our country.

  1. Boxwood

Boxwood is also an evergreen plant. Its leaves are mainly oval and bright. Its flowering period is in March of each year, and it enters the fruiting period from May to June. The plant has strong adaptability, both indoors and outdoors. It can grow well. During the growth period, ensure that there is sufficient light so that the plants will grow more luxuriantly.

  1. Black Pine

The black pine has a tall plant type and gray-black bark. It usually blooms in April in spring. It is a light-loving plant. It has strong drought tolerance and is not cold tolerant. It grows faster in warm and humid climates and is black at the same time. Pine is always green all year round and has strong resistance to diseases and insects. It is relatively simple to breed at home.

  1. Banyan tree

The banyan tree is also one of the good materials for indoor potted tree species. Its plant type can be as high as 15-25 meters. It usually blooms in the spring from May to June. It is also the provincial tree of Fujian Province. It is located in Zhejiang, Guizhou, and Yunnan in China. Many are cultivated and generally put indoors and have a good feng shui meaning.

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